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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing + Vibe = ROI

You have put a lot of effort into creating just the right "vibe" for your business. You want your brand reflected in all the ways you communicate with your customer. And today, as you well know, your customers communicate through their mobile devices and NEVER miss a text. If you are not utilizing the mobile phone as a marketing tool, you are missing a financial opportunity. Engage your loyal customers with sophisticated permission based text marketing. Make sure YOUR brand "looks good" to your mobile customer, and extend your reach when your customer is on the move. Don't miss the opportunity to connect, cut through the clutter, monetize your technology investment and generate incredible ROI, all with the power of a simple text.

Sound Products can help you monetize mobile, connect with your customers, and bring dollars to your bottom line.



Not only do you get great returns, the marketing cost is extremely low.


  • 1 Location, with 10 Opt-ins per day
  • Average transaction amount of $15

Opt-ins at the end of year 1 = 3,000

3 text promotions per month = 9,000 text blasts/mo

Assume 4% transaction (2-7 typical) = 360 additional transactions/mo

360 Transactions at $15.00 = $5,400 additional revenue mo

At $.04 for text delivery, your ROI is 15:1. Would you trade $1 for $15?

"How Mobile Works

Engage your Mobile Customer

Monetize Mobile?

There are FOUR times more mobile phones than PC's in America. Does YOUR company have a plan on how to EFFECTIVELY market through mobile devices?

Your customers (91% of them) communicate daily via text. Does your company have a strategy on how to leverage mobile? Do you know your return on investment? If not, we should talk. Until then, here is how it works:

  1. Mobile is ALWAYS permission based. Customers who are interested in your special offers can opt-in via text, Tablet, Kiosk, Digital Signage, Website form, or by QR Code. Just ask your costumers top opt-in; many will.
  2. A person can opt-out just as simply, by texting STOP to QUIT at anytime. Because of this, only customers who WANT your messages will see them. Isn't that nice?
  3. Customers know what they are going to get ahead of time, like: "Up to 2 text message deals a month".
  4. When you want their attention for a promotion (or anything), send a text. The OPEN RATE for text messages is 97%. You can compel the behavior you want (sales), when 97 of 100 people SEE your offer. Mobile is about ROI.
  5. Depending on the offer, text-to-sales redemption rates vary from 2-7% (average). When you send a text to a 1,000 customers who opted in, how much would 30 additional transactions (3%) increase your bottom line?

Let us show you how to monetize mobile technology. Click link to see an example.


Text & Mobile Promotions

Top-of-Mind Awareness = More Customers

You have products and services to sell, and your customers want to know "What's new". The challenge, of course, is cutting through the clutter and noise, and keeping YOUR brand front and center. No form of modern technology grabs attention like a text. Here is a short list of what is available.

  1. In-Store Promotions. Mobile campaigns can be created on the fly or planned in advance. Text BLASTS can be sent to your permission based marketing databases of phone numbers, immediately. Need to move a closeout, overstocked, or seasonal product? Blast it. Slow day? Send a text. Have something new to offer? Send a message. They will see it.
  2. Point of Sale Opt-in Engagement. On the sales floor, dining room, checkout, or wherever you meet your customer is the PERFECT time to engage your client for an opt-in. It's simple: "Dear customer, would you like to save 10% on your order today? Just type your mobile number HERE, and we will send you a coupon via text good for TODAY!"
  3. Auto Responders. Your customer just opted in to "get the deal". Great. That one-time act can trigger future messages programmed ahead of time, to touch base with that customer an unlimited amount of times in the future. Perhaps 1 week later, 30 days, or 6 months in the future? A year later? It's your call.

Engaging your customer via mobile will keep your brand top-of-mind, and keep them coming back.


Mobile Loyalty Programs

Loyalty means different things to different people.

EVERYTHING about mobile and text message marketing is a loyalty program. Mobile marketing allows you to stay engaged with your customers. If the customer doesn't want the benefits of being loyal, they can opt-out. This means each time we make an offer, it is SEEN by customers who requested them, and want to continue to receive them.

Mobile can also take the "sandwich shop punchcard" to a whole new level. The "punch card" is your phone (which is something you never leave home without). There are numerous ways to design a loyalty program. Here is a sample campaign.

  1. Choose how many purchases are needed to receive the reward. Terms and conditions can be created for any loyalty program. With each transaction, a simple code at the point of sale "punches" their card.

    (This example show 2 of 3 needed)

  2. Once the customer has made the requisite transactions, they are instructed to show the phone in order to redeem their coupon.

    (Notice each transaction is time and date stamped, which reduces fraud and abuse.)

  3. Once redeemed, a bar-code and/or QR code is automatically generated which can be scanned on location. You will know the EXACT redemption date and rate.

    (To see a sample…), text SPIPIZZA to 63975.

Text Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows, keep a full schedule, make clients happy (and make more money).

Does your business rely on customers making their appointments? Have you ever "sent a truck" to a homeowner who wasn't there? Was your appointment a no-show? If missed appointments lower your revenue, Text Message Appointment reminders are an effective way to keep a full schedule.

Doctors, Salons, Veterinarians, Plumbers, and ALL in-home service professionals need effective ways to remind their customers of appointments. You can handout a reminder card, call their home answering machine (if they have a home phone), or have a human (or robot) call to remind them. These are all more expensive and less effective than a text notification program. With two-way messaging, if your client cannot make the appointment, they can text back and have a web-to-text dialogue with you.

  1. Create simple templates to remind your patients about KEY reminders, like "Be sure not to eat or drink 4 hours prior to the appointment" or "Bring in your current insurance card". Bring your patient into your office prepared and compliant.
  2. Upload "groups" of people into the system, and send group texts for reminders of repeat meetings, or for urgent matters, "The Church Choir is canceling practice tonight due to the weather".
  3. E-mail addresses change all the time. E-mails get lost in spam. Home addresses change MORE frequently than cell phone numbers. Home "landline" phone number are on the decrease. Your customers mobile numbers often remain the same for decades.
  4. Send the "annual dog shot" reminder, or "termite inspection reminder" via text. Offer an incentive if the customer "Calls to schedule the appointment by Friday". Make the phone ring.
  5. Not to state the obvious, but remind them of their appointment.

When customers receive a text, there is a 10% decrease in no-shows. Increase your revenues and loyalty with effective mobile engagements.

Real Estate & Mobile Marketing for Real Estate

Boost Sales by leveraging your clients mobile phones

Sound Products has created a customized program for real estate mobile marketing. Your clients and prospects all have mobile devices in hand 24-7, 365 days a year. Through the use of simple every day tools, like sending texts or scanning, mobile marketing gathers customer information for future marketing.
This allows you to speed transactions and close more sales.

  • Mobile is Always permission based. To see interior photos and property information, prospective home buyers text-in or scan from the outdoor sign.
  • Listing Agents receive an instant text with the prospects mobile number which alerts them a buyer has opted in for additional information. With ONE button an Agent can contact the buyer IMMEDIATELY.
To see a demo on your smart phone text
SPIHOUSE3 to 72727, or scan the code,
or enter your mobile number into the form.
Enter your mobile number
below for a demo

Mobile Number:
 You are consenting to receive this offer plus additional updates, up to 2/mo, standard text message and data rates may apply. Reply HELP for help, or STOP to cancel.

Lots More Good Stuff

Satisfaction Surveys/Trivia/Text to Win Engage your customers

There are creative ways you can engage your customers… who are mesmerized by their smart phones. Gather information from your clients and ask them what they think about their experience with your brand. Mobile is certainly about "selling", but it can also involve gathering information about what they like (or don't like).

  1. Want to know what your customers think? Set up a survey campaign and reward the users with a coupon at the end! The survey marketing tool allows you to create unlimited multiple choice questions and answers.
  2. What year was Elvis born? Trivia contests are a fun way to create opt-ins and gather mobile numbers. Test your clients knowledge and reward winners (and non-winners) with a prize. You collect their mobile number for future text campaigns. It's a win-win.
  3. Everyone wants to be a winner. Text-to-Win campaigns are GREAT tools to create opt-ins. For big EVENTS, cross-promote your contests on your digital signage, TV ads, radio, or even your Jumbotron. Winners and non-winners alike can get prizes. Your prize is being able to contact them for future promotions.
  4. Does anyone in the audience have a question? Text-To-Screen. If you have a crowd who can see a big screen, a text-to-screen campaign can get INSTANT feedback in real time. For churches, sporting events, seminars or other events, it's a creative way to interact.

Mobile Marketing is about customer engagement, in-bound and out-bound, little screen, big screen, with the power only permission-based marketing can deliver.

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