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Johnson County Community College

Emergency Telephones


Johnson County Community College

Project Timeline

Ongoing Maintenance



What they Needed

Johnson County Community College is a highly respected educational institution that serves both students and professionals with its engaging curriculum.  As an educational institution, it is concerned about the safety of its students.  Most recently, Sound Products was asked to provide maintenance and upgrades for JCCC’s emergency telephones throughout its campus.  On an ongoing basis, we ensure that the emergency telephones are properly functioning.  Over the years, we have supported JCCC in a variety of ways including campus wide emergency notification,  gymnasium sound systems, and outdoor athletic field sound systems.

Suggested Solutions

  • Code Blue Emergency Telephones
  • Campus Wide Atlas AIED Emergency Notification
  • Sound systems for athletic venues


A plan was designed to allow JCCC to upgrade its emergency telephones over a five year period. Emergency notification speakers were installed throughout the campus, both in the interior and exterior spaces, including this entrance lobby.


While scheduled maintenance is ongoing throughout the year, the installation of new equipment will happen regularly over a five year period as well.


Sound Products has worked with JCCC over the years and they chose us for maintaining their emergency telephone system on a quarterly basis.

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