Drive Thru Headsets in Kansas City and Topeka

Don’t forget about the drive-thru. It’s more than 65% of your sales.

Drive-Thru Intercom Systems that work for you, every time.

People are busy. Time is precious. But we all still get hungry.

Being able to grab a bite to eat on the go helps all of us. It is critical to keep your drive-thru in tip-top condition with drive-thru headsets operating effectively so all communications are crystal clear. Sound Products offers both HME and 3M/PAR headsets along with all the drive-thru intercom accessories like speakers, drive-thru timers and more for restaurants in the Kansas City and Topeka areas.

Why Sound Products?

We know the business from top to bottom, having installed our first headset system in 1990. We provide ongoing maintenance and support and offer a variety of service plans. Look to Sound Products for one-stop shopping for headsets, CCTV, sound systems, background music as well as digital signage customized to your brand.

We aren’t limited to one brand or manufacturer. This lets us truly analyze your various options and approaches.

We integrate technology platforms to ensure seamless communications and collaboration.

We develop and design security solutions to keep your employees safe and your assets secure.

Just as importantly, we are there for you after the sale, providing on-going service and support.

Clients Include

Burger King

Caribou Coffee


Church’s Chicken

Dunkin Donuts

Dairy Queen

Freddy’s Frozen Custard

Hawaiian Bro’s



Pizza Hut





Zarda BBQ

Drive-Thru Headsets

Look to Sound Products for your quick-service restaurant needs in the Kansas City and Topeka areas, including drive-thru headsets and drive-thru timers. We offer both HME and 3M/PAR headsets.

Maintenance Service Plans

Keep your drive-thru system operating in peak condition with a scheduled service plan from Sound Products.

Digital Signage

Sound Products offers custom digital signage programs for the quick service industry, completed with branded advertising.  Ask for details.

Sound Systems & Music

Create just the right "vibe" for your dining experience with background music and a customized sound system from Sound Products.

CCTV and Surveillance

Protect your people, property and assets with a video surveillance system from Sound Products.

Alarm Intrusion and Fire Alarms

Keep your property safe and secure with an alarm and fire monitoring system from Sound Products.

Keep your drive-thru operating in peak condition.

Call Sound Products, your drive-thru experts, for support.

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