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Transforming workplaces with A/V technology.

The thoughtful and creative application of technology accelerates business momentum and optimization.

We’ll let you in on a secret:

Success has a soundtrack.

Elevating communication, collaboration and engineered engagement.

Sight and sound can have a dramatic impact on your business; communication and collaboration are at the heart of nearly every success. Today, A/V technology can be used to positively impact your workflow, your meeting productivity, the effective communication of your message, and the collaboration of your working teams.

Conference Rooms, Huddle Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Gymnasiums, Stadiums, Auditoriums, Retail Complexes and more.


All become dramatically more effective spaces with A/V technology. Sound Products provides state-of-the-art commercial and conference room AV solutions in Kansas City and Topeka and can help you create spaces that catalyze communication, collaboration, business optimization and energy.

In a retail, hospitality or sports venue setting, Audio/Visual design is actually engineered engagement. Sound Products understands how to integrate music, voice, sound, and video to create an environment that engages people in the experience: whether they work there, shop there, or play there.

Regardless of your industry, we are living in a visual world today. And engaging content for the eyes has never been more vital.

Video can entertain and educate your customers, advertise your product and services, and enhance communications. It has the power to create the right mood for your business. It can differentiate, stimulate, entertain, engage and maximize the consumer or working experience. It’s no longer enough to tell them you are different—you have to show them. In full-video living color.

The bottom line is –

when people are surrounded with an environment that makes them feel good, they feel good about that business.

With A/V as our chosen catalyst, we will design a distinct brand that defines the emotion and energy of your business or organization. We call it VIBE.

When designing your audiovisual system in Kansas City, our team will first discuss with you the purpose of the area or how it will be used.

Is it for business meetings, training, small group interactions? Is the space for shopping, dining, sporting events or simply gathering? Then, we’ll discuss the ambiance you want to create and the resources you need.

Then we dig into the nitty-gritty. We’ll determine what inputs are needed to support your communications… computer servers, modems, video and audio sources, microphones, projectors and beyond. And we won’t skip the outputs, either… video screens, LCD screens, digital signage, speakers, and more. To manage all these components, we’ll determine your control system and/or, in some cases, a mixer. A detailed scope of work and proposal is prepared which requires your approval before commencing with the installation.

How it Works

The Sound Products customer experience can be broken down into four steps. During this process, we develop a relationship and a core understanding of your needs; design and develop a solution to meet those needs; then integrate that solution into your space and provide ongoing support to keep it going at 100%.

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A/V Products & Services

  • A/V Control Systems
  • Background Music
  • Conference Room A/V
  • Digital Signage
  • Huddle Room A/V
  • Intercom Paging Systems
  • Meeting Room A/V
  • Messaging on Hold


  • Public Address/Overhead Paging
  • Sound Masking
  • Sound Systems (Distributed audio)
  • Stadium or Gymnasium Sound
  • Training Room A/V
  • Video Conferencing
  • Video Projection Systems
  • Video Distribution Systems
  • Video Walls and Screens

Define your vibe with thoughtful audio/visual design.

This is the golden opportunity you’ve been looking for. So go ahead, break the silence.

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We earn customers for life.

The Sound Products team goes the extra mile to take care of us.  It is much appreciated.

- Joel Johnson, Silgan Dispensing

We needed to find a company for drive-thru and sound systems that actually cared about each of our restaurants and would do whatever they could to help.  We have used Sound Products for several years now and have not been disappointed!  They are quite responsive and helpful, one call takes care of it! 

- Jim Linenberger – Director of Operations for JRI Management, a Freddy’s franchise group

The Sound Products team was very knowledgeable and very responsive.  The install team was excellent - did a great job working in an occupied building.  They were courteous, organized, and very neat.

- Guenther Dziuvenis, Johnson Controls

We had some really exciting and challenging technology goals, in terms of digital signage, room conference capabilities and our audio/visual throughout the building.  We needed a partner who could work within our aggressive timeline and who had the technical proficiency and expertise.  Sound Products, who we had worked with on several projects before this, was able to thoroughly complete a really large and complicated project within a very brief timeline.

- Mary O’Connor, Executive Vice President, Country Club Bank

About Us

Sound Products is a Midwest audio/visual and security commercial systems integrator. We develop, design, install, and service professional systems for organizations including businesses, government, hospitals, educational facilities, campuses, churches, senior living complexes, restaurants, quick service restaurants, retail complexes, sports venues and correctional facilities.

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