A/V Case Study

Lake Olathe Park – Eagles Landing

Audio/Visual System


City of Olathe

Project Timeline

Three months


Entertainment Venue

What they Needed

 Olathe recently opened its newly designed Lake Olathe Park which includes a new marina and Eagles Landing, a multipurpose event venue nestled along the lakefront. They sought out Sound Products to provide an alternative audio/visual solution that would help them save on costs.  Along the lakefront, we designed and installed an audio system for the beach area which also provides emergency paging over the lake.  Within the event space, a high powered projector and screen were installed that allows patrons to see the video in daytime sunlight.  A variety of audio and video inputs were installed to provide meeting room usage flexibility.  The event space sound system is designed to provide audio intelligibility throughout a large open room, so that patrons can hear well in the back of the room without overpowering listeners in the front of the room.

Suggested Solutions

  • Sound system and emergency paging along beach front
  • High powered video projector and screen for daytime viewing in event space
  • Sound system for event space


By listening to customer needs, a thoughtful audio/visual system was designed for the new marina and event space at Lake Olathe.


Once the design was determined, the installation took place in an efficient and timely manner.


Providing prompt and nearby support, is critical to Lake Olathe. Sound Products support is available through field support, remote monitoring and troubleshooting and predictive maintenance scheduling.

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