Drive-thru Case Study


Drive-Thru Intercoms and Music



Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

Project Timeline

Ongoing - Work with Freddy's franchises nationwide.  A drive-thru standard installation usually takes a day.


Quick Service Restaurants

What they Needed

Freddy’s, known for their delicious cooked-to-order steakburgers, is a national fast-casual restaurant chain that is expanding rapidly. They needed a technical team that was an expert in the drive-thru business and looked to Sound Products for national support. Sound Products is honored to support Freddy’s with both their drive-thru systems and sound systems.

Suggested Solutions

  • National Installation Coordination for Corporate and Franchisees
    HME and 3M/PAR Drive-thru Systems including Headsets, Vehicle Detection and Timers
  • Coordinates Music Platforms and Genres
  • Sound Systems with speakers and amplification


Sound Products works closely with each franchisee and Freddy’s corporate to determine the drive-thru system and sound system needed at the restaurant. The number of headsets, vehicle detection, store layout, equipment placement, type of speakers and more are evaluated.


While Sound Products is headquartered in Kansas City, we are able to coordinate all aspects of the installation through our national dealer network.


One call to Sound Products allows us to trouble shoot any service issues. If it is determined a field service call is needed, we coordinate that as well.

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