Security Case Study

Stormont Vail Health

High Definition Camera Upgrade


Stormont Vail Regional Health Center

Project Timeline

20+ year relationship



What they Needed

Stormont Vail is a regional health center in Topeka, KS. Stormont Vail’s surveillance system had become antiquated. It needed to upgrade its security system throughout the hospital facility from analog to high definition. It turned to Sound Products, who is proud to have been its security technology adviser for more than 20 years.

Suggested Solutions

  • Sound Products upgraded more than 600 cameras from analog to high definition IP cameras throughout the hospital complex.
  • In addition, it introduced multiple NVR’s or digital recorders with surveillance archives.
  • Emergency phones were installed throughout the hospital and parking garage.
  • Sound Products also designed and installed a surveillance monitoring system which uses video analytics to ensure patient safety.


Sound Products worked closely with the Stormont Vail facility team to select the most reliable and best performing high definition IP surveillance system. As a team, they decided the best locations for cameras.This process continues as Stormont adds new spaces requiring coverage.


As the hospital is open for care 24/7, the Sound Products technical team installed the cameras throughout the complex in the least disruptive manner possible, meeting all installation timetables.


Given the scope of this project, Sound Products provides maintenance support on an ongoing basis.

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