A/V and security Case Study

Jose Pepper’s

Sound and Music


Jose Peppers

Project Timeline

Installation was 1-2 days in length with ongoing service provided.



What they Needed

Jose Pepper’s is a restaurant group in the Kansas City area which provides exceptional “Tex-Mex” cuisine. As a technical adviser, Sound Products has provided a variety of A/V and security solutions to them over the years, covering a variety of sight, sound and security experiences.

Suggested Solutions

  • Sound Systems and Music in all 15 restaurants
  • Interior and exterior Honeywell cameras at all locations
  • Installation of video screens
  • DirecTV programming for video screens


Services to Jose Pepper’s have evolved over time. With each project comes a thoughtful conversation about the scope of work , coverage, equipment layout, and equipment capabilities.


The installation time will vary with the project. A sound system with music is usually a day-long project. A camera installation for a restaurant would most likely run a day in length as well. This time would vary depending on whether the restaurant is open for business and working times are limited. It can also vary with ceiling height and unique construction variables.


Jose Peppers chose Sound Products because of our service team. They know they can count on us each and every day.

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