Two Eyes Just Aren't Enough To Keep An Eye On Your Future.

In today's business world, security is seen with a more vigilant set of eyes. Companies are expected to keep customers and staff safe from harm, while protecting the company's economic interests as well. A thoughtfully designed security system creates a distinctive VIBE that decreases theft and shrinkage. It also emanates a sense of safety that increases consumer traffic and boosts morale. Sound Products will do a no–stone–left–unturned analysis of your business, and design a solution that makes it possible to watch over your most valuable assets — your people, property and public image.

Need proof that thieves are notoriously camera shy?
Check out the metrics on the impact of security.

  • Businesses without security systems are 4.5 times more likely to be burglarized than businesses that have a security system
  • Of all uncompleted burglaries, 74% can be credited to an audible alarm
  • Internal theft accounts for 44.5% of shrinkage, while shoplifting represents 32.7%
  • Businesses can increase profits 15-20% just by stopping internal theft
  • The FBI estimates there is a burglary every 15.4 seconds in the United States
  • The US Chamber of Commerce estimates that about 30% of all business failures are traced directly to employee theft
  • 80% of retail crime happens in the parking lot


All The Camera Eyes Are On You.

There are almost endless applications for security in businesses: theft, robbery, false claims, inventory shrinkage, employee surveillance, access monitoring, and much more. Today's digital recording systems, including the latest technology in IP and high definition video, are highly effective and extremely user-friendly: simultaneously record, playback, and view live footage. Quick transfer of video files for investigations. Whether you need a one-camera system or have multiple camera locations you wish to view over the Internet, Sound Products security designers can build a digital recording system solution that secures your future.

  • Bosch
  • Pelco
  • Avigilon


Because Thieves Are Camera Shy

Your security system must be fail-safe, and userproof. Sound Products utilizes equipment manufactured by the leading companies and industry suppliers who are widely regarded as being among the most reliable in the business.

  • Bosch
  • Pelco
  • American Dynamics
  • Avigilon


Watchdog Meets High Tech

Businesses without an alarm system are much more likely to have a break-in than those who protect themselves from intruders with today's leading-edge technology. Sound Products can design, install, service and monitor a custom system that will prevent unauthorized entry, burglary or robbery. We offer a full line of perimeter and internal security solutions. Don't be alarmed by the positive effect it will have on your staff, customers and profits.

  • GE
  • Bosch
  • Honeywell


Giving Security A Voice

Interactive Emergency Call Systems that are highly visible security make a statement to both your patrons and employees about the importance of their safety and security. It also lets would–be criminals know that the area is well secured. The interactive voice capabilities between security personnel and the caller allows for active, real time communication, which can be the critical difference in a crisis situation.

  • Code Blue Systems — a leader in emergency call security


Don't Get Burned By Insufficient Protection

Last year, more than 100,000 fires struck US businesses, resulting in billions of dollars in losses. Fire protection is a requirement in most buildings today. If your system isn't designed correctly, it leaves you vulnerable to property damage and fire code violations. From intelligent fire alarm systems to digital voice evacuation to small, conventional panels, Sound Products can design, install and monitor your system so your hard work doesn't go up in smoke.

  • Bosch
  • Firelite
  • Honeywell


Beyond Lock & Key. Way Beyond.

A well designed access control system cannot only lock down your doors, it can provide access in time-specific periods, grant entry only to authorized individuals and even run reports. Whether your business has one door or one thousand, Sound Products has the equipment and experience to create a system that will control access in precisely the configuration you want and need.

  • Honeywell
  • Infinias
  • Bosch


One Solution, Many Lives Saved.

Mass notification systems are becoming an integral part of both emergency and non–emergency communications for organizations of all sizes and in all industries. Beyond saving lives, a mass notification system can help increase revenues and cut or avoid costs. When you need to deliver time-sensitive information to hundreds or thousands of people, Sound Products can help you create a custom solution that will get the word out reliably, quickly and efficiently.

  • Government, Education and Business Solutions
  • Reverse 911
  • Code Blue
  • Automated Paging Systems
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