• Tech Expo

  • KU Medical Center

  • Nara

  • Capitol Federal

  • Carriage Club

  • Westlake Ace Hardware

  • Kansas Expo Center

  • Indian Hills Country Club

  • Shawnee County Department of Corrections

  • Seaman High School

  • McDonald's

  • Johnson Co. Community College

  • Panera

  • Hereford House

  • Spin! Neapolitan Pizza

  • Zona Rosa

  • Corporate Woods

  • Staff Judge Advocate - Fort Riley, KS

  • Pizza Hut

  • Docs On Hold

  • Kansas House of Representatives

  • 810 Zone

  • Washburn Rural Schools

  • City of Andover

  • NCAT

  • Hyatt

  • Stadium Sound

  • The Legends

  • Health Ridge

  • Sound Products

  • M&I Bank

  • Stomont Vail

Tech Expo

It has been an amazing 25 year journey. You have been with us every step of the way and we'd like to thank you with an expo featuring some of the best technology providers in audio, video, security, and mobile.

KU Medical Center
  • Renowned medical complex dedicated to education, research and patient services.
  • Designed and installed a Code Blue Emergency Call System. Highly visible Emergency Call Boxes in key locations for proactive security and assurance of safety.
  • Interactive voice capabilities for fast, effective communication in crisis situation.
  • Installation of CCTV camera systems throughout campus.
  • A Japanese Robata restaurant in the Crossroads District of Kansas City, MO featuring extraordinary Far Eastern fare
  • High-end sound system with plenty of volume for evening DJ's
  • High-definition specialty video programming for late-night crowd
  • CCTV and security system
  • DirecTV programming
Capitol Federal
  • Capitol Federal has been providing “true blue” services for over 115 years. With 35 traditional branches and 10 in-store locations, the Bank has a network that extends across the state of Kansas.
  • Customized sound systems for all locations.
  • DMX Music with 100 music options.
  • Creates a soothing atmosphere and privacy for both customers and employees.
Carriage Club
  • Premier country club in Kansas City, MO - dining, swimming, fitness, ice skating.
  • Designed and installed state-of-the art television and audio system in new fitness facility.
  • New audio environment in renovated dining room adds to atmosphere and ambiance of meetings, social events and special occasions.
Westlake Ace Hardware
  • Regional chain with 85 stores in 7 states.
  • Customized sound system in each store.
  • Sound system in warehouses.
  • DMX music with 100 music options.
  • Improved customer traffic flow & employee productivity.
Kansas Expo Center
  • A state-of-the-art, multi-purpose facitlity that hosts concerts, family shows, ice hockey, indoor football, conventions, and tradeshows.
  • Public address system for 45,000 square-foot exhibition hall.
  • Nexia Digital Audio Platform.
  • Full-range distributed loud speaker system.
  • Public Address System for Agriculture Hall.
  • Public Address System for Heritage Hall.
Indian Hills Country Club

Recently, Indian Hills Country Club, located in Mission Hills, KS, renovated its clubhouse. Coupled with the renovation, they upgraded their audio/video system as well as their surveillance system. Sound Products provided the design and installation of all the technology.

Shawnee County Department of Corrections
  • The Shawnee County Department of Corrections is located in Topeka, KS and is dedicated to preserving community safety with commitment and excellence. It processes approximately 14,000 offenders a year.
  • Upgraded entire surveillance system for high definition capabilities.
  • Installed Avigilon Control Center with virtual switching matrix.
  • Upgraded 305 analog cameras to IP addressable units.
  • Added 105 HD quality cameras.
  • Installed 35 Covert microphones for live and recorded audio surveillance.
  • 30 Day Archive storage
Seaman High School
  • Seaman High School is located in Topeka, KS and serves to develop every student
  • Provided new security and intercom system for entire school campus.
  • Installed 48 analog high resolution cameras, control matrix, video monitors and DVR recorders.
  • Installed CPU based intercom system district wide.
  • Installed intrusion alarm system district wide.
  • Serving numerous McDonald's corporate and franchise locations throughout the region.
  • 3M Wireless Headset Intercom Systems.
  • Enhances clarity of conversation between customers in drive-thru and employees inside restaurant.
  • Lightweight and easy for employees to use and manage.
  • Embracing the newest digital technology from 3M for superb order clarity.
Johnson Co. Community College
  • Custom designed emergency notification system for every building on campus increases security for staff and students.
  • Designed and installed audio system for gymnasium to keep fans, students and performers in the game.
  • Original Bread Company franchise, a bakery and café serving fresh baked goods, made-to-order food and custom-roasted coffees.
  • Installed customized sound systems within each store.
  • Background music offering more than 100 different formats with automatic daypart selections.
  • Creates a comfortable and welcoming environment for Panera customers.
  • BOSE speakers for crystal clear classical and jazz music content.
Hereford House
  • A Kansas City steakhouse tradition since 1957 from Anderson Restaurant Group.
  • Projection systems in private conference rooms enhances customer experience and meeting capabilities.
  • Laptop inputs and flat screen monitors in private dining rooms allow customers to add presentation and video capabilities to their business meetings and family gatherings.
Spin! Neapolitan Pizza
  • Fun, friendly gourmet pizza restaurants in Overland Park and Olathe, KS, Lee's Summit, MO, and Kansas City, MO on the Country Club Plaza.
  • Digital processing adds sparkle to audio system.
  • DirecTV satellite network.
Zona Rosa
  • State-of-the-art complex with shopping, dining, entertainment & residential living.
  • Installation of 20 Code Blue units to increase security and customer comfort.
  • IP camera system during initial development and full integration of cameras into new system during Phase 2.
Corporate Woods
  • Largest office park in Johnson County, Kansas.
  • Background music in all building lobbies.
  • One-satellite dish solution for each building in the complex.
  • Provide tenants with music and DirecTV solutions to fit their brand VIBE.
Staff Judge Advocate - Fort Riley, KS

The JAG headquarters at Fort Riley, KS recently moved into a newly renovated limestone building. With this renovation, there was a need to upgrade technology in the various courtrooms. By using Crestron control systems, the courtrooms now have the ability to draw from a variety of sources such as DVDs, laptops, overheads and cannot only display information throughout the courtroom but throughout various courtrooms simultaneously. The courtrooms now have video conferencing capabilities as well.

Pizza Hut
  • Audio systems in many franchise locations throughout Kansas and Missouri to enhance the dining experience.
  • DMX Music with 100+ channels.
  • Customized sound systems.
  • Prompt regional service coverage.
Docs On Hold
  • Clay Platte Family Medicine Clinic is a Kansas City family medical practice. The physicians have found Docs on Hold to be the perfect on-hold solution for educating and informing their patients.
  • On-Hold Message Marketing Service designed specifically for today's busy medical practices.
  • Customized message marketing that's turn-key and frustration free.
  • Includes script writing, production, equipment, updates and customer service.
  • Increase request for service/products, reduces caller frustration & abandonment, improves patient satisfaction.
Kansas House of Representatives
  • Digitally steered line array loudspeaker system.
  • AudiaFLEX digital audio platform.
  • FM hearing assistance system with over 70 receivers.
  • Media audio feed for broadcast.
810 Zone
  • Innovative, 13,000 square-foot sports bar & restaurant.
  • Highly integrated, open source audio/video environment.
  • 47 HD plasma screens, 2 wide-screen projection systems, 29 interactive tableside interactive digital entertainment systems with LCD touchscreens.
  • Quad-video processing allows for viewing four channels on a single screen.
  • Six audio zones in different restaurant quadrants.
  • HD DirecTV satellite integration and CATV sports networks.
  • User-friendly touchscreen control system is easy for staff to operate.
Washburn Rural Schools
  • Football stadium public address system
  • Long throw loud speaker system
  • Full range music reproduction for drill team performance
  • Wireless announce microphone system
City of Andover
  • Sound Products provided the City of Andover with a turnkey system that allowed them to broadcast city council meetings as well as other meetings to local cable channel 7.
  • The system also had record and rebroadcast capabilities.
  • A wireless keypad allows the system to be controlled from anywhere in the building.
  • Crestron control system
  • Video projectors and displays
  • Shure microphones and mixers
  • Security cameras and recorders throughout building
  • The National Center for Aviation Training (NCAT) in Sedgwick County fuses Kansas aviation experience and expertise with cutting edge instructional techniques and technology.
  • Upgraded auditorium and common area video projection system and video monitors to a state of the art high resolution system.
  • Capability to receive streaming video from 4 sources received from network.
  • Sanyo projector
  • Crestron control system
  • LG TV monitors
  • Bose sound system
  • Volante network devices
  • Upgraded the ballroom audio systems to provide high definition sound quality.
  • Touch-screen operation allows staff to easily change scenarios for events.
  • Automatic back-up system takes over in case of problems—no worries about events being diminished by technical issues.
  • Digital processing equipment using Biamp Audia-Flex and Cobra Net technology.
  • The Hyatt staff loves it! Finally, no more phantom hums and buzzes at the worst possible times.
Stadium Sound

Sound Products has a specialty in sound systems for athletic facilities. From football stadiums, to basketball gymnasiums to baseball fields, we can create a self-contained sound system for you. Many of our customers have screen printed their systems with advertising because it generates revenue to offset equipment purchase costs. Our "Stadium Sound" product featured here gives you an idea of what you could do at your athletic facility.

The Legends
  • Digital surveillance cameras throughout complex to enhance safety.
  • Audio walking tour system for shoppers to build interaction.
  • Ambient sound system with music to engineer sensory experience.
  • Security command center with multiple monitors, digital recording and data storage.
  • Emergency call system throughout the parking facility.
  • Live sound inputs allow live broadcasts throughout the complex.
Health Ridge
  • Fitness oasis that incorporates state-of-the-art equipment in a friendly environment.
  • Conference room projection systems.
  • Sound systems for aerobic exercise studios.
  • CCTV security cameras, alarms and access control.
  • Over 70 personal video screens for cardio studio.
Sound Products

It’s a Moving Year for Sound Products.

Sound Products has been on the move this year…both figuratively and literally. We recently purchased a building in Olathe and remodeled it to fit our business needs. There is something to be said for a space having the ability to energize and rejuvenate employees. We absolutely love our new “digs”! Please stop by any time. (1365 N. Winchester in Olathe) Our Wichita team has been on the move as well. Joanna Crawford is our newest associate in Wichita with a wealth of expertise in the security field. And our Wichita team just moved into their new office in Derby. Monty and our Topeka crew continue to set the bar on technology solutions. We’re all settled in and rarin’ to serve you in 2013.

M&I Bank
  • Milwaukee-based bank expands to Kansas City metro area.
  • Customized sound systems for brand locations.
  • DMX music with 100 music options.
Stomont Vail
  • Regional health center in Topeka, Kansas.
  • Digital surveillance system throughout medical campus.
  • Matrix switching with three security control stations.
  • 12 digital recorders with surveillance archive.
  • Panic button notification system.
  • Sound Products Headquarters
  • 1365 N. Winchester Road
  • Olathe, KS 66061
  • Toll Free: 800-466-3666
  • Lenexa: 913-599-3666
  • Topeka: 785-228-9669
  • Wichita: 316-941-3800