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A Feast For The Eyes Feeds Your Bottom Line.

Video can entertain and educate your customers, advertise your product and services, and enhance communications. It also has the power to create the right mood for your business, and further define your brand VIBE. In today's visually driven world, engaging content for the eyes has never been more vital. It has the power to differentiate, stimulate, entertain, engage and maximize the consumer or working experience. It's no longer enough to tell them why your brand is different. You have to show them. In full–video, living color.


Stimulate The Eye To Motivate The Buy.

It's become a highly visual, high definition world. Successful businesses of today engage their customers on both intellectual and emotional levels that make a lasting impression. Digital signage can be used to shape memorable customer experiences through energy and engagement. Sound Products can help you use an assortment of standard and high–definition video content and componentry to create a multimedia experience with a distinct brand VIBE.

  • Use large & small screen displays to encourage point-of-sale purchases, up sell and differentiate
  • Educate customers on products and services
  • Deliver special promotions, update pricing and
    advertise daily specials
  • Create a private television network as an
    employee education tool
  • Incorporate live news or sports feeds


Technology and content is only the beginning.

Good sources and beautiful screens are only half the battle of winning in the customer experience game. You also need an efficient, well–designed method to deliver the video to your audience. Sound Products can help you create the optimal use and placement of video screens throughout your business, as well as design (or help you select) the best distribution system.

  • Broadband RF distribution for large–scale projects such as hospital
    rooms or fitness clubs
  • High definition distribution for entertainment–themed locations such
    as sports bars
  • Laptop presentations on flat screens or projectors


Face To Face Communication Without Going Place To Place.

As business travel becomes more expensive and time-consuming, video conferencing provides a highly cost effective way to connect people. Did you know that every time two people meet over video rather than traveling roundtrip between LA and New York they save the carbon emissions equivalent of taking one car off the road for a year?! Sound Products can help you create a system that feels as natural as sitting across the desk or a conference room table.

  • We deliver and install industry standard Polycom audio/video
    conferencing equipment
  • You can deliver training content viewed live or at a later date
  • Hold virtual meetings from across town or across the globe
  • Share content as well as see other meeting participants
  • Record meetings and make them available for those
    unable to attend


Show Them The Content Of Your Business Character.

Sound Products can help you use DirecTV, music, videos, high-definition programs, and visual atmospheres to captivate, educate, inform and motivate potential customers. Design your content to add a highly visible, engaging VIBE to your business experience.

  • 225 popular channels including news, sports and entertainment
  • Sports subscriptions
  • Commercial video packages for corporate, retail and restaurants/bars
  • Advance program information, direct content control and HD quality picture and sound
  • NFL Sunday Ticket for sports enthusiasts
  • Perfect for lobbies, offices, hospital rooms and restaurants/sports bars


Don't Just Tell Them Your Brand Is Different — Show Them.

The right video imaging can instantly create the right mood and energy for your customer experience. Studio quality content from DMX takes the work and guesswork out of the equation — with no worries about rights or residuals. Sound Products can utilize today's most sophisticated video imaging content to differentiate your brand and improve the overall customer experience. Video imaging can increase the perceived value of goods and services, decrease perceived wait times and maximize customer dwell time.

  • High definition thematic channels from nature to worldscapes
  • Music video experiences
  • Mesmerizing "Stimuleye" visuals
  • Automated time of day/day of week content scheduling
  • Integrated audio/video capabilities for multimedia branding features in one unit
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