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Your Brand Is Your Voice. Make Sure It Comes Through Loud And Clear.

Your brand image becomes crystal clear the millisecond a voice comes across your intercom system. When communicating with customers in a fast food drive–thru, every nuance of every word should be heard and understood. You can't afford to miss a single order or create an inaccurate order. Sound Products can design a solution that sends out the right VIBE with an audio image that shouts excellence. After all, nothing speaks louder than the quality of your sound.

Your drive–thru system can feed your profit margins.
See the quick service metrics.

  • Almost 65% of fast-food revenue is coming through the drive–up window. Between 1997 and 2007, sales of meals to be eaten off premises grew three times faster than on–premise sales
  • On average, consumers visit a drive–thru 5.7 times during a 60–day period
  • 45% of customers prefer the drive-thru over the dining room
  • More than 1/3 of consumers visit a drive-thru more than 6 times in 60 days!
  • 15% of drive-thru customers say they stopped going to a quick service restaurant because of one bad experience. Another 33% never go back because of several negative experiences
  • These numbers show just how vital drive–thru quality and efficiency can be to your success


Every Second Counts On Your Bottom Line.

Success in the fast food business is measured in seconds, not minutes. Drive–thru intercoms have become a major vehicle to guarantee smooth traffic flow and customer satisfaction. Sound Products can design a drive–thru environment that reduces customer waiting time and increases traffic volume. We only offer systems that are reliable, durable and comfortable for employees.

  • 3M Wireless Headset systems including the recently introduced
    digital XT–1
  • Incredible noise filtering allows employees to hear the customer's
    order clearly
  • Automatic customer greeting messages enhance communication
  • Local technicians provide faster service response
  • Turn key solutions utilizing vehicle detection, speaker, microphones
    and interior electronics


Creating Connections That Ensure Loyalty.

Sound Products Intercoms come in both wireless and hard-wired formats. The applications are versatile and numerous. Quick Service Restaurants can realize the most immediate and direct benefits from drive–thru intercoms. However, there are many other business applications where intercom can enhance the customer experience:

  • Convenience stores can use intercom to provide immediate communication between staff and customers at the pump
  • Truck scale station can connect customers and workers
  • The National Fire Protection Code for self‐serve gas stations requires attendants to have immediate communication with customers at the pump


Knowledge Is Power.

One of the most interesting disconnects between consumer demands and industry response is regarding speed of service. Customers are more concerned with accuracy and quality than speed. However, they have their expectations. The majority do not want to spend more than 5 minutes in the drive–thru. Sound Products can design a system that allows your business to provide both speed and accuracy.

  • Fast Track speed of service timers offer an interface with the corporate/office PC allowing for better data access and sharing without rolls of thermal paper lying around
  • A wide range of options from single–window–only applications to full dual‐lane, multi–point environments

Intercom Service Maintenance Programs

Keep Your System Performing at Optimal Levels

Sound Products has been providing drive-thru equipment, installation, technical support and service for more than 25 years. You have invested significant financial resources into your drive-thru intercom system. Let Sound Products maintain your system and keep it in good operating condition.


We have a variety of maintenance programs and can customize a program that fits your restaurant’s needs. A sampling includes:

  • Advance Headset Replacement
  • Mail-in Repair Programs
  • Scheduled Inspections
  • On-Site Field Service
  • Scheduled Consumable Replacements

Drive-thru can account for up to 65% of your business. Audio equipment performance is critical to maintaining drive-thru speed, order accuracy and customer satisfaction. Let us help you keep your drive-thru operating in peak condition.

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