Audio Environments

Success comes in waves. Sound waves.

Sound design is actually engineered engagement. Sound Products understands how to integrate music, voice and sound to create an environment that engages people in the experience: whether they work there, shop there or play there. The bottom line is, when people are surrounded with an audio environment that makes them feel good, they feel good about that business. With sound as our chosen catalyst, we will design a distinct audio brand that defines the emotion and energy of your business. We call it VIBE.

Is it really a sound decision for your business?
For you numbers types, check out the metrics on the impact of sound.

  • Hearing is one of the key senses in customer engagement. The key is to have sound, sight, smell and touch in sync. When this happens, your establishment will have great customer appeal
  • More and more retailers are utilizing sound to create a unique shopping /dining experience that attracts customers, and keeps them coming back
  • If customers are comfortable in a space and like the atmosphere, they are more likely to spend an extra 5 to 10 minutes. Time that can bring in extra revenue
  • High–quality sound can maximize merchandise presentation, providing a competitive advantage few chains can afford to ignore
  • Customers expect high–quality sound when shopping. It's become an integral part of their daily lives – at home, in the car, at the office, at the health club. Anything less is less than acceptable
  • 65% of buying decisions are made at the point of purchase
  • Music alone can increase sales by as much as 38.2%
  • Sound quality ranks as a top consideration in sound system specification, however it's not the only thing that matters: equipment longevity, reliability, ease of use and budget are also vital to a sound decision

Background Music

Every Business Has A Soundtrack. Let Us Create Yours.

Few things make a more powerful impact in a business than music. It can define your brand image, influence behavior, set the mood, control energy and stimulate action. As the largest DMX dealer in the US with more than 1500 customers nationwide, Sound Products provides the technical artistry needed to create the VIBE you want through masterfully chosen music.

  • Nationwide service/installation
  • DMX Satellite Music (100 formats)
  • DMX On-Premise Music (27 genres, internet, network or CD delivery platforms)
  • Dayparting and Audio Zoning Strategies

Sound Systems

Who Says Engineering Isn't An Art Form?

Expertise. Evaluation. Design. Quality. Creativity. This combination of art and science is the difference between a good sound system and a great one engineered by Sound Products. From simple to complex, original design or update, expansive complex or single storefront, we can design a custom sound solution using today's advanced digital technologies from the world's most trusted brands:
Bose, JBL, SoundTube, and Quam.


Custom Design & InstallationIntegrated Audio/Video Systems
Commercial Sound SystemsService Guarantee


It's Not Just A Game, It's A Spectacle.

Sports today has become more than just an athletic match between opponents. Games have become full–blown events with music, entertainment and fanfare. Fans, players and coaches alike have come to expect professional quality audio to heighten the experience. With more than 15 years experience, our sound engineers can help you get the most out of your current system or design and install a new system that performs flawlessly game after game with studio quality reproduction. Our technicians have designed and serviced systems in NCAA facilities across the country.

  • Outdoor stadiums and indoor gymnasiums/arenas
  • Only the highest quality, name brand products
  • Basic models and custom designed systems just for athletic facilities
  • Highly intelligible speech reinforcement
  • Professional grade music reproduction
  • Full integration with scoreboards and video displays
  • Design, installation and ongoing service


Amplifying Communications

From a simple paging application to complex multi–zone paging systems, Sound Products can show you how to enhance communication between employees and with customers. Our experience gives us a real–world understanding of the sophisticated needs of large businesses such as airports, hospitals, industrial facilities, medical facilities, confinement centers, warehouses and schools, as well as how small businesses can enhance service through better communication.


Coloring With Noise

Many business environments benefit from introducing "white noise" and "pink noise" — also known as sound masking. The right color of noise can minimize distractions and provide an additional sense of privacy in open office spaces. Sound Products analysts can show you how to utilize audio techniques and design systems to enhance comfort, focus and efficiency of your workforce.


Giving A Voice To Your Vibe.

On–hold messaging is one of your most powerful branding tools. It informs, entertains, educates and even sells. Sound Products can help you choose the right music, voice talent, tone and delivery style that creates your brand VIBE. Our messaging experts know how to maximize this customer "capture time." Why greet them with silence when you can send a message that speaks volumes.

  • Customized Messages to Enhance Your Brand
  • Scriptwriting
  • Professional Voice Talent
  • Message Production
  • Music Bed and Sound Effects
  • Equipment Installation & Service


The Tipping Point Of Purchase.

Did you know 66% of all buying decisions are made at the point of purchase? Mixing message and music, art and marketing, Sound Products can help you create a high impact, customized audio merchandising solution that puts the buy into the impulse. We can even create a private radio station for your business with custom music and content. It's been proven to move merchandise and drive sales.

  • Turnkey Solutions including Installation, Production, Voice Talent,
    Scriptwriting, Distribution and Service
  • Integrated Audio/Video Merchandising Solutions
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